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The Epic Trips

The Epic Trips

Posted on February 01 2024, By: 7000 Steps

Our journey to find coffee growing in Northeast India was an adventure of a lifetime. Let’s hear it from Khrawpyrkhat Mynsong about the journey who is leading 7000 Steps Coffee which is situated in Shillong, Meghalaya. 

The story begins with what we call Epic Trips. Several years ago, we started visiting remote farmers to discover unique crops and ingredients. We often trekked to remote isolated canyon regions of Meghalaya where the villages are mostly only accessible by foot. I am familiar with this area because my family is from one of the villages we visited. We would camp, swim in pristine rivers, trek for hours and return exhausted. 

It was on one of these mini adventures that we started hearing about coffee plants being cut down because of lack of buyers and replacing them with faster growing cash crops. We wanted to understand more about why coffee entered a predominate tea growing region. We slowly solved that mystery. In our quest we discovered more of these unknown hard to access villages. Our vision soon expanded as we later learned that coffee is growing across Northeast Indian states. Once the potential became clear, we committed to focusing on Northeast India coffee as our core business’. 

7000 Steps with Manipur Coffee growers

The 7000 Steps 

The story of the name came from these Epic Trips. As we trekked, we followed ancient paths made of stones that are the “roads” and the way goods are transported. Some of the villages we visited were so isolated that they could only be reached by foot, and we had to climb up and out of a canyon, counting 7000 steps along the way, to reach our vehicle and that village was Mynriah. The journey was tough, but it was rewarding. Our brand now has a genuine and memorable story behind it, one that reflects the hardships we overcame and the passion to be the gateway to all Northeast coffee. 

We named it 7000 Steps, to honour the journey that led us to it, and to inspire others to take their own steps to discover the wonders of Northeast India and its coffee. 


The Coffee Quest 

Our journey is not over yet. We are still exploring new regions, new varieties, and new stories of coffee in Northeast India. We are not just selling coffee, we are sharing a culture, a history, and a vision. 

We invite you to join us on this coffee quest. We hope that our story will inspire you to venture into new places, meet new people, and try new things. We believe that there is a world of possibilities waiting for you, if you are brave enough to take the first step. And who knows, maybe you will find your own 7000 steps along the way. 


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