A coffee farmer picking up coffee beans from Northeast IndiaA coffee farmer picking up coffee beans from Meghalaya in coffee plantation in Northeast India

Pioneering Coffee from Northeast India

Trusted Suppliers To Cafes and Restuarants
Stand Apart with Northeast Coffee
We understand that many coffee drinkers want to break away from traditional coffee and explore. Perhaps this explains the excitement they experience when they learn there is coffee grown in Meghalaya, Assam and Mizoram.
 We believe that our rare coffee provides cafes and restaurants the opportunity to provide their customers something special. A coffee experience few others are able to offer.


    Working with slow suppliers can waste your time and disrupt your business. We want our fast service to earn your confidence and help you prosper.


    Coffee flavour declines after roasting, therefore we work urgently to get you fresh beans. Don't believe us? The aroma when you open the bag will convince you.


    We do not sell estate grown coffee but coffee grown by small scale farmers in remote jungle regions with no exposure to fertilizer or pesticide.

Farmer to Cup

You will receive beans that we purchase from farmers, then roast, package and ship.

3 Steps For Cafés and Restaurants to Try Our Roasted Coffee

Step 1

Choose Your Bean

Step 2

Pick Your Sample

Step 3

Pioneer Northeast Coffee at Your Cafe

We meet our farmers

We roast our own beans

We ensure our customers serve the best cup of coffee

Why Coffee From Northeast India?
About five years ago, several of our team members set out to find underutilised resources that farmers were growing in the Northeast. We came across many rural farmers that had coffee growing on their farms but instead of harvesting this coffee, they were leaving the beans on the trees. The story was that these farmers didn’t have a market to sell their coffee to, but had been told to plant coffee to help restore the soil. We saw an opportunity..

Our 7000 Step Epic Trip
The 7000 steps are real! They lead to a village in a remote canyon in Meghalaya where 500kgs of Arabica coffee are grown. This village is linked to many others by ancient stone steps that are the “roads” where goods are transported in baskets.  Over the past 4 years our teams have hiked along these stone paths visiting farmers in what  must be considered one of the most remote regions in all of India. Since we cross rivers, walk for hours, swim, camp, drink from springs and returned exhausted we call them Epic Trips. Perhaps one day we will take our customers on an Epic Trip? 

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