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Roasting with Precision: Our Journey from a Kilo to a Ton

Roasting with Precision: Our Journey from a Kilo to a Ton

Posted on May 09 2024, By: 7000 Steps

Roasting with Precision: Our Journey from a Kilo to a Ton

Roasting coffee is not just a process, it is an adventure. It is a journey that takes us from hilly terrain from Northeast India to our customer. It is a journey that challenges us to explore the infinite possibilities of coffee, and to craft the perfect roast for each bean.

We started our adventure in 2021, with a humble electric roaster that could only handle one kilo of coffee at a time. We were fascinated by the diversity and complexity of coffee, and we wanted to learn more about how to roast it to perfection. We started to experiment with different roasting profiles, trying to find the best balance between acidity, sweetness, body, and aroma.


As our roasting skills improved, we also upgraded our roasting equipment. We bought a Marshall Fowler gas roaster that could roast 5 kilos of coffee per batch. This gave us more flexibility and efficiency in roasting, as well as more control over the temperature and airflow.


We also started to sell our coffee online, reaching customers across India. We were thrilled to see that our coffee was well-received and appreciated by coffee lovers everywhere. We sold nearly 3 metric tons of coffee in 2021, which was a huge milestone for us.

But we did not stop there. We wanted to take our roasting to the next level, and we knew that we needed more knowledge and guidance. We attended a training and workshop in Bangalore, where we learned from some of the best people in the roasting industry.

We also invested in Probate 12 roaster and a sample roaster, which are the most advanced and reliable roasting machines in the market. The Probat 12 roaster can roast up to 12 kilos of coffee per batch, and the sample roaster can roast small samples of coffee to test and compare different profiles and parameters. We use these machines to fine-tune our roasting process and to create unique and customized blends for our customers.


How We Roast Our Coffee Beans With Care And Passion

We now have two skilled roasters who roast each batch of coffee with precision. We begin with measuring the moisture content and density of the green beans before selecting the roast profile. The roast profile is the degree of roast we want to achieve for our beans. It depends on our personal preference and the characteristics of the beans. Then, we preheat the roaster machine based on the moisture content and density of the beans.



As soon as the preheat is done, we begin roasting. Our roasters will closely monitor the color changes and the cracks of the beans. The roasting process ends when the beans reach the target roast level, which can be identified by the color, the flavor, and the sound of the beans.

After the beans are cooled down, we weigh the roasted beans and calculate the weight loss. The weight loss is the percentage of mass that the beans lose during the roasting process, and it is mainly due to the evaporation of water and the release of carbon dioxide.


The final step is to store the roasted beans and wait for the degassing. The degassing is essential for maintaining the flavor and the freshness of the coffee. We then label the bags with information such as coffee name, moisture content, density, roast date, and weight of the roasted beans.

We use a color sorter to remove any flawed beans after roasting. Finally, before packing, we end the process by hand sorting, which involves diligently inspecting and sorting out any defective beans from the batch. This is the final quality check before we pack and ship the coffee beans to you.


We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy roasting it for you. Thank you for being part of our adventure.


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