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Royal Enfield Cafe Garage

Royal Enfield Garage Café

Posted on August 25 2023, By: 7000 Steps

Royal Enfield Cafe Garage

In the heart of Northeast India, a coffee roaster by the name of 7000 Steps Coffee has woven its way into the realm of Royal Enfield Garage Café, a unique destination that is more than just a café. This collaboration is an embodiment of the shared values of exploration, sustainability, and the pursuit of extraordinary experiences.

 Royal Enfield Garage Cafe

Royal Enfield, synonymous with the art of motorcycling, aimed to extend its brand experience beyond the mere act of riding. Their goal was to establish curated, immersive destinations in key motorcycling hubs, offering not only motorcycles and gear but also a space for motorcycling enthusiasts and even non-enthusiasts to connect and embrace the ethos of "Pure Motorcycling."

The introduction of the Travelers Blend coffee at Royal Enfield Garage Café elicited an overwhelmingly positive response. Its unique flavor profile struck a chord with café customers and travelers alike. The consistent quality of the blend ensured that every cup was a delight, fostering a sense of anticipation among those who sought a memorable caffeine experience.

The journey to selecting the right coffee for the cafe's menu was a meticulous one. After exploring various brands and blends that sparked passionate debates among the team, the unanimous decision was reached with 7000 Steps' Travelers Blend. The blend's character harmonized seamlessly with the cafe's values, aligning with Royal Enfield's spirit of exploration and sustainability.

Selecting Coffee from 7000 Steps

The significance of 7000 Steps' coffee extended beyond flavor. It intertwined with Royal Enfield's core narrative, weaving a tale of exploration, sustainability, and support for local communities. This alignment amplified the cafe's identity and resonated deeply with both customers and travelers who sought more than just a cup of coffee.

Collaborating with 7000 Steps Coffee aligned with Royal Enfield's aspirations. The desire to ride through coffee estates and witness the coffee-growing process firsthand showcased the shared vision of exploration. The aspiration for an exclusive signature blend added an element of exclusivity, reflecting the evolving partnership.

When asked if they would recommend 7000 Steps Coffee, the answer was a resounding "Yes." The satisfaction derived from the partnership and the coffee's positive reception made this recommendation an authentic one.

The blend of Royal Enfield Garage Cafe's captivating ambiance and the unique character of 7000 Steps Coffee created an indelible mark. The tale of coffee's journey from the lesser-known Northeast region resonated with patrons, adding a layer of fascination to their cafe experience.

In the heart of Northeast India, a coffee roaster named 7000 Steps Coffee has joined hands with Royal Enfield Garage Café, creating a harmonious blend of flavors and values.

Royal Enfield X 7000 Steps

If you are in Arpora, Goa and want to taste our coffee and experience the flavor of Northeast India, you can visit Royal Enfield Garage café. You can also order 7000 Steps coffee online at or follow us on Instagram

Don’t let this chance slip away to enjoy a new and exciting coffee experience. You will love 7000 Steps coffee. It is truly a hidden treasure of Northeast India! 💎

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