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How We Bonded with Our Customers Over A Cup Of Coffee From The Remotest Corner Of India

How We Bonded with Our Customers Over A Cup Of Coffee From The Remotest Corner Of India

Posted on November 01 2023, By: 7000 Steps

How We Bonded with Our Customers Over A Cup Of Coffee From The Remotest Corner Of India

At 7000 Steps Coffee, we believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers and partners. We are not just a roastery that provides quality and consistent coffee, but also a community that shares stories and experiences. That’s why we invited our most valued customer, Nerlu café, to join us on a spontaneous and adventurous three-day trip to see where the remotest coffee comes from.

We have been working with them for almost a year now and we are always impressed by their passion and professionalism. Shibani and Groot, the owner and most talented Barista of Nerlu café, are not only our customers but also our friends now.

We wanted them to experience our operation and visit our remote coffee farms where we source our beans from. We were thrilled when they agreed to come with us and explore the hidden gems of the Northeast region of India.

The Journey

We picked them up from the airport and drove to Shillong, Meghalaya, where our roastery is located. The drive was about 3 hours long, but it felt like minutes as we had so many topics to discuss. We talked about coffee, business, culture, and life.

The next day, we showed them around our roastery and explained how we process and roast our coffee. We also had a cupping session where we tasted different varieties of coffee and shared our feedback. It was amazing to see how Shibani and Groot have such refined palates and how they can appreciate the nuances of each coffee. Groot is one of the most talented baristas we have ever met and yet so humble.

We ended the day with a team dinner at a local restaurant. It felt like a family dinner as we laughed and joked with each other. We felt a strong connection and a sense of belonging.

Nerlu and 7000 Steps Team 

The Adventure

The following day, we embarked on an adventurous trek to one of our farmers, Kong Bina. She lives in a remote village in Nongshken Meghalaya, where she grows coffee in an unconventional way. She does not use any chemicals or pesticides but relies on natural methods and local resources. She also respects the environment and the biodiversity of her land.

The trek was little challenging with big spiders and leeches around but rewarding. We had to walk through dense forests and muddy paths. The weather was unpredictable, and we faced heavy rain at times. The visibility was low, but we could still admire the beauty of nature.

We finally reached Kong Bina’s farm and we were greeted by her warm smile and hospitality. She showed us her coffee plants and explained how she takes care of them. She also shared her story and her vision for the future. She is an inspiring woman who is passionate about coffee. We thanked her for her generosity and her hard work.

 7000 Steps and Nerlu Team in the forest of Northeast India

The Conclusion

This trip was an unforgettable experience for us. We got to know our customers better and we strengthened our bond with them. We also learned more about our partners and their stories.

We are grateful for this meet, and we hope to do it again soon. We believe that by visiting our partners and customers, we can create more value and trust for our business. We also believe that by sharing our stories and experiences, we can connect with our audience and inspire them.

That’s the story of 7000 Steps Coffee, bringing you the finest coffee from the remotest corner of India.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

And if you are ever in Bangalore, don’t forget to visit Nerlu café and try their amazing coffee! You won’t regret it!


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