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Nerlu Cafe From Bangalore

I want to celebrate you!! - Nerlu Cafe

Posted on August 23 2023, By: 7000 Steps

Nerlu Cafe From Bangalore

Are you a coffee lover in Bangalore city? If yes, then you must have heard of Nerlu Café, a contemporary coffee shop that celebrates Indian coffee. But do you know how they source their coffee? Do you know the story of 7000 Steps, a Northeast coffee brand that is their partner?

Nerlu owners

Nerlu Café is run by Shibani Murlidhar and Rajiv Majumdar, who are passionate about coffee and its culture. This dynamic duo wanted to create a café that showcases the diversity and quality of Indian coffee. They came up with the name Nerlu, which means shade or shadow in Kannada, to reflect the fact that Arabica coffee is a shade growing plant. Nerlu also symbolize their vision of being a canopy for the hundreds of Indian roasters who are doing incredible work with local produce.


When you walk into Nerlu Café the aroma will captivate you. Your eye will be drawn to their unique “coffee discovery menu” that offers customers selections from an evolving list of 10 diverse coffees, that changes every two weeks, ensuring freshness and integrity of the roast.

One of the coffees that you can find on Nerlu Café’s menu is 7000 Steps, a Northeast coffee brand that is making waves in the coffee scene. 7000 Steps is more than a coffee brand, it’s a coffee movement with a vision to share the finest coffee from the most remote regions of Northeast India with the world.

The coffee beans are sourced from small farmers who practice organic farming methods. The beans are then freshly hand roasted in Shillong before being supplied to customers across India. We roast them to perfection, bringing out the unique flavours and aromas of each bean.

The journey started with a sample… 

Coffee tasting

I can still recall the phone conversation I had with Groot, the friendly and skilled barista at Nerlu, who told me about their experience with our coffee. I was thrilled and touched by what he said, and you will understand why.

We sent them some of our finest coffee samples. I knew Groot would be eager to taste them. Within eight days, we heard the good news! Groot, a seasoned Barista, was impressed by the quality and freshness of the beans. He made an espresso with the sample and was astonished by the citrusy flavour. He then made a cappuccino and was delighted by the balanced taste. It was nutty and chocolaty, with a smooth and creamy texture. He shared it with Rajiv, who also has a passion for coffee, and he liked it too.

When Groot shared this with me, I felt like a proud parent imagining my kids aced their exams.

We passed the quality test but for a café to order from a coffee supplier it takes more than just quality. It is the overall experience that matters. This is where we had to excel.

7000 Steps cares about consistency and service as much as  cares about quality.

Why choose 7000 Steps?

Aside from the quality and consistency, Groot says the Northeast coffee is loved by customers. Our blending skills were praised, and he noted that sourcing coffee from three states (Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland) and blending it well are skills that are rare. He said it’s an ‘ART’. The process of making latte art with our coffee is easy for him, and he loves doing it.

He enjoys talking about 7000 Steps to his customers and friends, who are curious to know more about our brand and our story. We were delighted to hear Groot’s feedback and enthusiasm for our coffee.

I was touched by what he said, I want to celebrate you and your coffee. It still makes me emotional writing about it.


We are so happy to have a loyal and supportive customer like Nerlu Café. We wish them great success in spreading the awareness of coffee from different regions of India. Thank you, Groot, for telling us your story!

If you are in Bangalore and want to taste our coffee and experience the flavor of Northeast India, you can visit Nerlu Café. You can also order 7000 Steps coffee online at or follow us on Instagram.

Don’t let this chance slip away to enjoy a new and exciting coffee experience. You will love 7000 Steps coffee. It is truly a hidden treasure of Northeast India! 💎

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