Yes, we have an individual customer page if you are interested in buying coffee for your home. Just make sure to click the dropdown bar on the product page to click on the correct grind size for you for your home depending on the equipment you use (ex: mocha pot, pour over, AeroPress.)  

There are three things that set us apart from other brands. We are fast, fresh, and wild. We take pride in knowing that our fast service will save your time and you won’t have to work with another unreliable or unresponsive coffee supplier. We’re fresh because we send you our beans soon after roasting and work urgently to make this happen. We’re wild because our coffee is not estate grown but grown in the pristine region of Northeast India.

We will be able to make your café a custom blend depending on the quantity, as well as difficulty of making the blend happen, but we sure will try! Contact one of our sales representatives to discuss the specifics.

We do sell single origin coffee, but because our coffee is sourced from small scale farmers around the northeast, our single origin coffee runs out quickly and cannot be supplied consistently.

Yes we sell green beans. Kindly click here for more details.

We believe in cultivating a strong relationship with our farmers. In order to do this, one thing was made clear from the get-go: pay the farmers the sum they deserve for their produce. By doing so we eliminate the middlemen, and thus the farmers win and you get coffee fresh from the farmers with less time in-between.

Although we source from many farmers around Northeast India, our teams has perfected our roast process to create a consistent blend in which each batch will taste the same as the last. We also use one of the best roasting machines to ensure that we are sending you the best quality roasted beans.