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1st Coffee Tasting Event in Shillong 2023 by 7000 Steps

How We Celebrated the Flavors of Northeast Coffee with a Blind Cold Brew Tasting Event

Posted on November 08 2023, By: 7000 Steps

1st Coffee Tasting Event in Shillong 2023 by 7000 Steps

Coffee tasting, or cupping, is one of the best ways to grow your palette, expand your coffee knowledge, and appreciate the world of coffee. It is a process of evaluating the flavors and quality of different coffee samples by smelling, slurping, and savouring them.

We are a team of coffee enthusiasts who regularly conduct cupping sessions among ourselves to expand our coffee knowledge and enjoy the amazing world of coffee. This time, we decided to invite all our coworkers to join us in a special cupping event, where we celebrated the unique and delicious flavor of Northeast coffee.

We decided to make this event a bit different - we introduced different flavors of cold brew and decided to have a blind coffee tasting session. A blind tasting is when you don’t know what you are tasting till it is revealed to you, after you have made your guess. This way, you can focus on the sensory experience without being influenced by any preconceived notions or expectations.

We also set up a cozy and inviting café corner to create the perfect atmosphere for our cupping event. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot from this experience.

Sip and Weave Coffee event Meghayala Coffee event

What is cold brew?

Cold brew is a type of coffee that is made by steeping ground coffee beans in cold or room-temperature water for several hours, usually 12 to 24 hours. This method extracts the flavor and caffeine from the beans without producing the acidity and bitterness that are associated with hot brewed coffee.

About the event

We introduced our brew with different flavors like coconut, orange crush, hazelnut, butterscotch, chocolate cookie, mocha, and cinnamon. It is hard to express in words how interesting those flavors were with coffee. Each flavor had a distinct aroma and taste, complementing the rich and smooth base of the cold brew.

We had 24 people joining our session and discovering more about coffee. Here are some feedbacks from our loyal customers,

Dolcey: I totally loved the Butterscotch Cold Brew!!! The aroma was on point, flavor, and sweetness were spot on. I don't take sugar in any beverage, so I usually refrain from cold brew or black coffee, but once I had the taste of the Butterscotch Cold Brew, I knew I found my drink.

Jacquelyne: Thank you for throwing such an amazing event, I had so much fun. As you I'm a huge fan of your coffee, i just want to appreciate the team for coming up with many flavors and for taking the risk to try out different approach. I just love how different it was from the coffee i usually have. The Coconut Cold Brew was my personal favorite. I enjoyed how soft and fresh it is. I look forward to more coffee events 😉

You guys are fantastic!! ❤️

 Butterscotch Cold Brew Northeast India Coffee

As the audience were identifying the flavor, we shared more about coffee and explained about cold brewing. We also discussed how cold brew can be made at home using a simple jar, filter, water, and coffee grounds.

Hosting such an event is always fun but you also want the audience to go back with some amount of knowledge. We hope that our event inspired our audience to explore more about coffee and appreciate its diversity and complexity.
Want to know more about cold brewed coffee? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.  



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