In going the extra mile for you.

That relationships matter, with you and our farmers.

In getting to work on time.

Freshly roasted coffee tastes better.

In efficiency to keep our prices lower for you.

Speed matters to you, that’s why we respond in 24 hours.

That if you’re not happy with your coffee, we’ll give your money back.

In pioneering, that’s why we are the first farmer to café coffee company in Northeast India.

Meet the team that believes this

Head of 7000 Steps Coffee
Khrawpyrkhat David Mynsong

Our go to person when it comes to our farmer relationships. Amusing, smart, sociable, and witty remarks are his biggest strength. He is a great networker connecting different villages around the Northeast to bring you our incredible coffee. He helps with customer support too!

Head of Marketing
Bipul Hajong

A self-driven colleague and friend, he can always be counted on. He is passionate about exploring new places, people, and food, and shares his unique perspective of traditional stories through his own lens. You can see his beautiful work for yourself throughout our Zizira Explorers website, our Instagram pictures, and our Facebook page.

Supply Chain
Kevin Jyrwa

​A fearless hustler who knows what it takes to thrive. Apart from business, he is a person who gathers knowledge of almost everything under the sun. He is an ardent believer of the fact that learning has no ending and envisions to put Northeast India on a global pedestal.

Customer Support
Bikash Sherpa

He is the one who knows how to stay calm in any stressful or difficult situation. He has a caring personality and a deep affinity for empathy. He also loves travelling to new places far away from city life, and is always up for adventure.

Customer Support
Preety Gurung

Loves photography and exploring new places. Camping and watching the starry sky are some things that she will never be tired of. She is also very spiritual, creative, and a foodie. She is always ready for any roller coaster ride.

Supply Chain
Baphilari Kharkongor

A patient, calm yet spunky person, Baphi always makes sure that all our orders are responded to and delivered on time. She is also a passionate singer and a total foodie! She is an excellent listener and comes up with solutions for customer’s problems. And she assures that our customers receive excellent service.