7000 Steps Coffee Green Beans

The Origin

The coffee we source is grown in Meghalaya, Assam and Mizoram, at elevations ranging from 800m to 1400m.

We do not sell estate grown coffee but coffee grown by small scale farmers in remote jungle regions with no exposure to chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


Majority of our coffee is processed using the natural sun-dried method, although we do have some farmers following the washed method.

After the cherries reach the optimal moisture level, they are hulled and separated by machine grading according to bean size.

We then hand-sort the raw green coffee beans to remove defective, discolored, and broken bits to get clean green coffee.

What can we offer?

Our green coffee falls under commercial grade, and we can cater to small and larger requirements. 

Roasters have the opportunity to roast and produce multiple flavor notes around fruity, citrus, chocolaty and nutty flavors. It is encouraging to know that our coffee can be used to make varied beverages to cater to most taste preferences.