Cold Coffee - Vanilla - 200ml

Cold Coffee - Vanilla - 200ml

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7000 Steps - Cold Coffee - 180ml

        Brewing Method for Pour Over Coffee Powder: 24gms

        • Water Volume: 288 ml
        • Water Temperature: 90°C
        • Brew Time: 3 min 45 secs
        • Grind Size: Coarse
        1. Grind the coffee beans.
        2. Add the ground coffee powder to the wet filter paper.
        3. Start the timer and pour some water to wet the coffee grounds and wait for 45 secs.
        4. Pour the rest of your water and brew as per the estimated time.
        5. Ready to serve straight away.
        How northeast coffee is different

        Coffee from Northeast India stands in a league of its own, boasting distinctive characteristics that set it apart from the rest. Here's why this exquisite brew is truly exceptional:

        1. Ideal Growing Conditions
        2. Rare and Limited Production
        3. Community Coffee Planters
        4. Complex Flavor Profiles
        5. Indigenous Varieties
        6. Cultural Heritage
        Ideal growing conditions

        Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Northeast India, the coffee-growing regions of Meghalaya, Assam, and Mizoram offer the perfect environment for coffee cultivation. With high altitudes, ample rainfall, and rich soil, these areas provide the ideal conditions for the coffee plants to thrive and develop their exquisite flavors.

        Rare and limited production

        Coffee from Northeast India is not mass-produced on a large scale. The limited availability makes it a prized and sought-after coffee variety, cherished by coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts who appreciate its exclusivity.

        Community Coffee Planters

        What truly makes coffee from Northeast India exceptional is the involvement of a dedicated community of coffee planters. Instead of the usual estates found in other parts of India, this coffee is cultivated by passionate farmers in remote villages across Meghalaya. Their meticulous care and expertise are reflected in every batch of hand-picked and hand-roasted coffee beans, resulting in an unparalleled quality that you can taste.

        Complex Flavour Profiles

        The flavour profiles of coffee from Northeast India are remarkably complex. Each cup offers a symphony of nuanced notes, ranging from floral and fruity to chocolaty and nutty. The coffee exhibits a well-balanced acidity, a smooth body, and a lingering aftertaste that leaves a memorable impression.

        Indigenous Varieties

        The coffee varieties cultivated in Northeast India are often indigenous to the region, adding to their uniqueness. Local strains like S.288, S.795, and Cauvery are known for their exceptional cup quality and distinctive flavor profiles, making them highly prized among coffee enthusiasts.

        Cultural Heritage

        Arabica coffee from Northeast India is deeply intertwined with the region's cultural heritage. It has been a part of the local traditions and practices for generations, and the knowledge and expertise passed down through the community of coffee planters contribute to the exceptional quality of the coffee.

        Story of 7000 Steps

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        Very nice taste. Tamilians are experts in evaluating coffee and we are no less. Good product with excellent quality coming from an trustworthy customer centric company- a deadly satisfy your taste buds and makes you an addict.

        Krishnamurthy Senapiratti
        Favourable Flavour /Aroma

        This is Arabica Coffee, but with a distinctive flavour / twist. The first time, we went for whole roasted beans, which we coarse ground and brewed in a French Press.
        The next time, however, we ordered pre-ground beans by mistake and found the finely ground coffee not exactly suitable for brewing in a French Press. However, by altering brewing time, we managed to get the same great flavour as before!
        Well worth the experiment!

        A Well Wisher!
        Excellent Arabica Coffee!

        I loved the aroma and taste of coffee. Keep up the great quality. Cheers!

        Shailendra Singh
        Authentic taste of coffee

        Great - can you give some guidance on how best to prepare it? Traditional filter or French press or drip or just boil
        I use drip - tastes good but would like your expert advise

        V D Umashanker

        Good Coffee. Not as strong as other Dark roast Coffee available in the market, but still good.
        Little expensive, probably due to shipping costs.

        Chetan Parikh
        Good Coffee